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Technical support:
Support, toll-free:  888-874-7441

Profound3D delivers dependable 3D printing products that will make your production more efficient and exciting. Our goal is to make owning a 3D printer an easy and simple scenario, so we provide free and unlimited technical support with all the systems we offer. By email, phone or live chat, our professional and experience support team will act promptly to address any operation problems. Profound's support group is well-studied on the products we offer, and we love it when you get to experienced that support.

Best of all, you won't need to re-start your technical support case every time you call us. Our team will have all the notes on your support case, and will have all the details from your tech support issue.

Profound3D gives you dedicated access to our tech support team. Our team has all your history at their fingertips, so they'll know everything about your equipment history.