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Learning Kits from Profound3D

Profound3D's learning kits are packages designed to give you the printer and accessories you need to get 3D printing set up and going in your classroom. Each kit includes a printer, recommended filament bundle and any particular accessories which the manufacturer recommends. These are all discounted from the base price, so you save with each kit. 

Please note that SUBSTITUTIONS ARE OK! If you find that you need to customize your kit even further, we're happy to help. Just let us know!

You should also review our educational pages, with unique and valuable content for each of our 3D printer manufacturers.

Robo3D Lesson Plans and Tutorials

Afinia for Educators


  • MakerBot offers a wonderful PDF on using 3D print technology in the classroom. You can download it here.
  • MakerBot's Application Jumpstart page is a great place to find 3D content for your classroom that is already designed. Check it out here.

Zortrax's Blog is a great resource for 3D printing in Education. They used this page to introduce you to the insights from users and designers all over the globe, and how they are building toys and tools in engineering. You'll also want to see how they've worked classrooms in Poland.